An acupuncture session described

In North America, disposable surgical steel needles and a herb called moxa are often used during acupuncture treatments. Needles are inserted into points on meridians (networks of interconnecting lines of energy in the body) in order to stimulate the body's own healing forces. In this way, we move the energy towards a dynamic and harmonious balance which is specific to you.

As the life force is stimulated various sensations are often felt. Some may experience a feeling of energy moving along a pathway in their body. It may feel tingly, warm, or expansive depending on the location. Others experience no feeling at all, not even at the insertion of the needle.

After the session
It is often between treatments that patients notice changes on many levels. It is not uncommon for someone who has had very little or no acupuncture to feel very tired after the first few sessions as the body, just like an underused muscle which suddenly is put into action, gets used to increased energy flowing through it.

The approach at Inner Harbor Healing

Ultimately, healing must be concerned with the evolution of the individual rather than solely with his or her survival.Lonny Jarrett (1998)

Initial (Introductory) Session
To give you a sense of my practice and our potential work together, in our initial session we will spend a relatively brief time talking about your health concerns; the majority of time will be spent with you receiving a session for these concerns. Depending on your needs, the 1 hour we spend together will combine acupuncture with moxibustion, body work, reflexology and body centered counseling.

After this initial session you will have a sense of whether to continue with our work together and to book your next appointment. (Please see the section Choosing a Practitioner)

Second Session
In order to maximize the benefit of our time together, please print out and bring your completed copy of the Health Profile (pdf 64kb) to the second appointment. This will help us to develop an understanding of those factors which have, and continue to contribute to your current (dynamic) state of health.

The sessions following our initial meeting, will consist of both treatment and in-depth review of your health profile. Based on this, we will figure out a feasible plan for treatment.

The number of sessions in a course of treatment will vary, dependent on your health concerns and the degree of your involvement in treatment.

A note about treatments

All healing forces must be within, not without. The applications from without are to create within a coordinating mental and spiritual force.attributed to Edgar Cayce

Although acupuncture and the associated modalities which we will use provides tremendous benefit in the healing process, treatments should not be thought of in terms of being a quick band-aid solution. Nor are they a cure-all for everyone.

While acupuncture may not be able to alleviate the source of all of everyone's symptoms, it is a medium for engendering awareness of our individual expression of life force. In this way, treatment offers each of us the possibility to learn more deeply about ourselves on a very intimate level.

If you have an interest in increasing your self-awareness and moving through personal blocks, you may experience benefit from these sessions.